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Wearing Masks - Bits from Bob

Wearing and seeing people in a Mask is nothing new. We see firefighters running into a raging inferno with oxygen Masks. We have experienced doctors and nurses in the operating room with Masks. But now things are different. Everywhere we go, we see individuals wearing Masks. We even see people driving their car alone, wearing a Mask. It has become an accepted, necessary course of action in the times we live. But even before these face coverings were used, there were individuals wearing them. We have grown up watching people in Masks. On television programs and movies depict bandits and thieves wearing Masks. Some of our heroes such as The Lone Ranger and Zorro wore Masks. They wear that Mask to hide their identity whether for good or bad.

But how about you and me? Don’t we at times do the same thing? We wear Masks for the same reasons, to keep our true nature from being revealed. We wear Masks to keep our true intentions hidden. We wear Masks because we are afraid to show our true selves. We wear a Mask that shows us laughing on the outside while crying on the inside.

To be direct, we are being dishonest with ourselves and others. We may be fooling others, but our Lord and Savior knows the truth, and yet, in spite of what and who we really are, He still loves us and accepts us.

A song released in 1968, “The Games People Play” (showing my age again) by Joe South speaks of those wearing Masks. One verse in the song reads:

“People walking up to ya, singing glory Hallelujah, and they’re trying to sock it to you, in the name of the Lord.”

Yes, we even wear Masks when it comes to our religion. One thing about the Bible that always impresses me is the way it shows the true character of people in their daily walk through life.

Hopefully, the day is fast approaching when we will not be mandated to wear a mask in public for fear of catching or spreading a virus, but as for those other reasons we wear one, only the changing of our heart will bring it about.

Be safe and may God Bless you!


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