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Bits from Bob

This July marks another anniversary of our shared ministry. I vividly remember my first visit to the Community of Faith at Holly Grove. It was a Sunday afternoon in early spring. I was thinking after an hour’s drive, “When am I going to get to this place?” After arriving we introduced ourselves, exchanged pleasantries, and then got down to business. We sat around the table in the fellowship hall and searched each other out. I on one side, the Search Committee on the other, each looking for answers to our questions. In fact, I had the distinct feeling that neither I nor the Search Committee knew the exact question to ask in order to receive the answer we were looking for. Is he the one? What are you wanting in a Pastor? Is this the church family I should serve? Is he the one we should recommend?

It goes without saying that both parties want their church to grow, both in numbers and spiritually. But what specifically should we do to accomplish these goals? Let’s first take the spiritual growth goal. Bible study is a good thing for growing spiritually mature. Some prefer small groups, some prefer traditional Bible studies, and others can go either way. Prayer is another and perhaps the most important thing we can do as individuals to grow spiritually. When we read about the church in Acts, we always see one thing, people are meeting and they are praying. So, in short, the foundation of our spiritual growth is the Word and Prayer.

And here we are! I am excited about the new Church year and look forward to us engaging in Ministry together. If we use the gifts that God has graced us with, we will produce good fruit and bring glory and honor to God.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and I will see you in worship on the Lord’s Day.

God Bless


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