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"TIME" Bits from Bob

I was looking at the calendar for the next couple of months and it is evident that we will be very busy during May and June. Along with our regular celebration of birthdays and anniversaries we will have Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, a piano recital, and graduations just to name a few.

I remember a song by the Rolling Stones titled, “Time is on My Side.” Mick Jagger’s lyrics are about a woman that had left him but will one day, “Come running back!” I’m not so sure about that, but I have lived long enough to realize that “Time” is not on my side.

In Psalm 39 David has a complaint to God, he said, “You have made my days as handbreadths, and my age as nothing before You.” God has given us all the gift of time. Someone said that time is a precious commodity and each minute of each day should not be wasted. Time once lost can never be retrieved. Time wasted cannot be redeemed.

I guess the question for each of us is, “Am I making wise use of Time?”

God Bless You,


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