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Outdoor Drive-In Worship service for 5/31/20



10:30 A.M. May 31, 2020

(After parking, please turn your radio to Holly Grove FM 93.9 for the Service if you plan to sit in your car. If you would like to sit in your lawn chair outside of your car, under the tree or near the cemetery, the speaker will also be used so you can hear.)

Welcome and Announcements Cindy Wilson

Opening Hymn “They’ll Know We Are Christians by Our Love” (verses 1&4)

(Cindy Wilson will lead)

Prayer Time (prayer praises and concerns) Rev. Bob Lane

Morning Message Rev. Bob Lane

Communion Hymn “Have Thine Own Way, Lord!” (verse one)

(Suzanne Bowman and Dianne Montgomery will lead)

Communion Rev. Bob Lane

(Please partake the elements you have reverently prepared and brought from home.)

Closing Hymn “Blest Be the Tie That Binds” (verse one)

(Suzanne Bowman and Dianne Montgomery will lead)

Closing Prayer Rev. Bob Lane

Bible Scripture Readings from the Lectionary

Bible Verse for the Week

When he, the Spirit of Truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth.

~ John 16: 13a


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