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Holly Grove Christian Church, Growing Young together!

Hopefully you have been noticing all the exciting new things happening at Holly Grove, Family Game Nights, Children Worship & Wonder, a new Sunday study group for Young Adults, and a revamped nursery space and program to mention a few. It is all part of a commitment that we have made to ourselves and our community to be inclusive and inviting to people of all ages and backgrounds. A concerted effort to “Grow Young” and engage the entire family because it is no secret that most Mainline Protestant churches are a little emptier and perhaps a little grayer than they used to be. We recognize that a healthy and vibrant church needs to have the following key elements to fulfill its mission to spread the good news of Jesus;

- Provide Worship, Study, and community programs that engage and hold value to people of all ages and backgrounds that promote and fulfill the teachings of Jesus.

- Be a diverse and intergenerational congregation where the wisdom of our elders and the energy and experiences of the young fully compliment and engage each other.

- Be a welcoming place where Love is shown not only in words, but also in deeds. Where our relationship with each other and with God is paramount.

- Provide value and service to the community at large.

At Holly Grove there is something for everyone:

- Christian Women’s Fellowship (CWF) does awesome community service projects and fellowship for Women of all ages.

- Choir and Praise Singers to share the gift and beauty of music.

- The Pruners who provide a small food pantry, rides, and other services to those in need.

- Study and Discussion groups for all age groups on Sunday Mornings, and 10 & 7 on


- Children Worship & Wonder is a fantastic worship and education program for Children aged 3-9.

- Family Game nights

- Crafters Mission circle makes beautiful handmade clothes, blankets, etc. for people in need.

- Youth Groups, Cub Scouts, and an Odyssey of the Mind team.

- Sunday Morning Nursery from 9:30-11:30am to allow Parents to participate without worry.

- Plus, there are some are other things on the horizon, waiting for you and yours!

Perhaps you’re on the fence about attending a church for the first time or for the first time in a long time, perhaps you just moved to the area and the denomination you grew up in doesn’t have a church nearby, or perhaps you’ve grown tired of the “Mega” Church experience. Whatever your journey looks like, we hope you will come and visit us. Our congregation is home to many people who just started their faith journey, people who grew up in a diverse selection of other denominations, and those who longed for a comfortable place where people knew and loved them. Whatever your story is, we want you to know that Jesus Loves you and if you’re looking for an authentic and down to earth place to explore that Love, then Holly Grove is the place to be!

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