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Bits From Bob: "Gifts"

As I sit behind my desk this morning contemplating a thought to share with my Church Family, Christmas has not yet arrived. So that fact led me to start thinking of gifts that I had received over the years. Just at the moment I started that journey someone came into my office and asked if I received a stocking each year and if so, what had been put inside?

What he shared with me was exactly what I received each Christmas. There were oranges, sometimes tangerines and there were walnuts and apples. Then he said, “Expectations are different today!” And he is right. This past Saturday I went to a retail store to find “gifts” for my grandsons, to stuff in their stockings. There was candy, gift cards, and cash, but no fruit will they find. The amazing thing about all this is that I was happy and content to receive what was given.

As my remembering journey continued, I began thinking of all the gifts I received from the Church Family this past year. You invited me into your homes for lunch and dinner. You gifted me with gift cards, pies, cakes and other fattening tasty treats. You welcomed me into your home when I visited, and you invited me into your family during the difficult days in your lives. You have lifted me up in prayer and encouraged me in my faith journey.

I want to thank you for all you have “gifted” to me this past year. I know that all that we have been through this year has caused many of us to say, “I will be glad when this year is over!” But remember all that has taken place and think about all the “gifts” you have received this past year, and thank God for each one.

It is my privilege and honor to be your pastor.

May God’s blessing of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love rest upon you all.



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