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Bits from Bob: "Dirty Jobs"

A show I watch on the Discovery Channel is “Dirty Jobs.” The host of the show would be cast in various jobs that viewers of the program would challenge him to try. Most of these jobs he would get filthy trying to perform tasks such as searching for gators in the Everglades, cleaning out penguin enclosures at a zoo, sewer lines, and a dairy farm floor just to

name a few. I guess the lesson for us is that no matter how dirty, messy, or disgusting your job might be, there is always someone who has a messier one. Jesus was a carpenter. What do you think his hands looked like? Have you ever used a hammer, missed the nail and hit a

thumb or a finger? Ever worked all day and created a blister on your hand? If so, what did your hand look like? Any one that works with their hands will have scars, nicks, bruises and calluses on their hands. But Jesus had something more! None of us will have the “Dirty Job” that Jesus had. The suffering, the pain and agony of the nails that were driven in his

hands. Paul said in Chapter 5 of Romans, “While we were yet sinners Christ died for us.”

Enjoy the work of your hands this summer and as you do, remember the work of Jesus’ hands and what he has done for you and me!

God Bless,


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